LucidGaming VIP Perks

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Bypass Join Queue

This works automatically. You'll skip right to the front of all server queues and even if the server is full you'll also bypass the population limit.

Premium SkinBox+

Type /skinbox in-game to open the skin box. Here you can place ANY skinnable item into the box and you'll have a selection of the highest ranked skins from the workshop for that item in your inventory, the selection is updated automatically every day. The speed at which skins download depends on your internet connection, if it's slow try keeping your Steam browser open, making sure it's downloading. You can also request ANY skin using the #skin-requests channel in Discord. You can join our Discord here.

Skinbox Tutorial
Skinbox Preview

In-game VIP Title

You'll receive the VIP or VIP+ and/or Supporter tags in-game depending on which membership you choose.

Discord VIP Role + Lounge

You'll be given the VIP role in Discord, which also gives you exclusive access to the #vip-lounge in Discord. For this, please let us know in Discord that you have bought VIP so that we can activate your membership in Discord.

Enhanced Upgrade Hammer

This is another Vanilla-modified plugin where all you have to do to upgrade your base is left click, meaning you can upgrade your entire base very quickly. Instead of having to right-click every wall, all you do is keep left click held down.

Vanilla Remove Tool

This is a Vanilla-modified plugin exclusive to LucidGaming. With this you can remove/pickup walls and items for up to 5 minutes after being placed. It's the perfect solution for fixing misplaced walls, especially High External Walls, which can be particularly tricky. To use it, just look at the wall or item you want to pick up and press E while holding a hammer. If the wall or item takes damage within the 5 minutes or you don't have TC authorization then you can't pick it up. Unlike the Remover Tool, players can't hide loot so it won't break any Vanilla gameplay aspects!

Sign Artist

This enables you to upload/paste web images onto signs in-game! Just type /sil <url.jpg> the link you use should end with either .jpg or .png. You can also type text onto signs by using /silt <text>

Here's an example of putting multiple words on a sign and changing the text size: /silt "hello world" [fontsize: 14]

Here's an example of changing the size, colour of the text and the background colour of the sign in the corresponding order using hex colour codes: /silt "Hello" 40 FF3535 030303

Animated Signs + Clothes

With this you can use animated signs and clothes and even animate your own signs and clothes! Type /neon <text> to bring up a selection of ready-made neon animated signs and type /neon.add <number> to turn a sign into it. You must be looking at the sign, just like the Sign Artist perk. Type /neon.tickrate <number> to speed up or slow down your sign's animation speed. The default is set to 10. To make your own signs and clothes see the video below. There is already a ready-made animated t-shirt that you can use. Make sure you're wearing a t-shirt and type: /neon.skinattire tshirt 1334091773 1334092886 1334094055

Auto Doors

This is a simple but great plugin, let doors automatically close behind you! You can set them to close anywhere between 5-30 seconds. For example, type /ad 5 to set to close doors after 5 seconds. Type /ad 30 to close after 30 seconds. Type /ad to toggle to turn off Auto Doors completely.

Quick Sort

Quick Sort provides you with an extra GUI menu for sorting loot easily! See the video below to see it in action:


BGrade allows you to place already-upgraded walls down as long as you have the correct resources in your inventory.
Type /bgrade 1 to enable automatic Wood upgrades.
Type /bgrade 2 to enable automatic Stone upgrades.
Type /bgrade 3 to enable automatic Metal upgrades.
Type /bgrade 4 to enable automatic Armoured upgrades.

Stat Track

Stat Track enables a kill count on any item that can cause damage to players as seen in the image below:

Hit Icon

The Hit Icon perk displays a small crosshair when you hit players. It also display a red skull UI which overlays your crosshair for a short moment when your hits kill players. Type /hit to disable this.

Trophy Skulls