Rules & FAQ

Since the launch of our server, LucidGaming has become one of the most popular trio servers in Rust. With our experience of handling thousands of trio groups, we've developed an effective, tried and tested system for handling teams in our server. A perfectly balanced meta respected by hundreds in our community.


1.1 Max clan size is 3

It is advised for all groups to create a clan using /clan. Players must not switch clan members more than 3 times in one wipe. If they change their members more than that they must seek permission from the admin team. If you are within proximity of 4 or more players at a time and you are not killing each other, our automated group detection will be triggered and will warn you; this data is sent to staff. If you do not split up shortly after, you will be kicked from the server. Admins may take further actions.
A detection notifying admins of group rule breakers

An automated warning to group rule breakers

1.2 A maximum of 2 ally groups are allowed

Allies must be registered through /cmenu. Allies must also live at least 5 squares away from each other on the in-game map's grid. Clans can play with their allies as long as they keep all gameplay to 3 max at all times. They can roam, raid and farm with any ally member, but must not switch out at any time. For example, 3 members are raiding a base, and 1 member switches out with another member to help - in this instance, this is a total of 4 members who have helped contribute to raiding a base, which is a clear violation of our trio rules.

1.3 All friendly gameplay with neighbours is prohibited

Quick and brief trades are allowed, but if you develop a friendly relationship with a neighbour where you have agreed not to kill each other, you must not help them in any way, at any time. For example, your neighbour is being raided, and you start shooting the raiders from your rooftop.

1.4 Can I build farm bases near my allies?

Farm bases are not allowed to be built within 5 squares of your allies. Since farm bases classed as permanent bases, they should not be within 5 squares of your allies.

1.5 Can I build raid bases near my allies?

You can build raid bases within 5 squares of your allies as long as the base is temporary and your allies have no involvement with it or the raid.

1.6 Can I kick people out of my clan and add someone else?

We do not allow clans to swap out members. If you do it more than a few times in one wipe you'll be flagged and may be banned. This is the same rule for changing ally clans.

1.7 Can allies use my base?

Allies are allowed to use your base, but always stick to 3 members in a base at all times. Allies are not allowed sleeping bags in your base.

Consequences of breaking group rules: admins will thoroughly investigate all players who are accused of breaking group rules. Depending on the situation, admins may warn or ask you to relocate your base. They may also issue immediate bans if the offence is strong enough; usually, a ban that lasts for the remainder of the wipe. If it is a repeated offence, then it may be a permanent ban. Note that some situations admins investigate can be unclear, or sometimes people are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Admins require evidence to ban players and will check entity owners, doors and tool cupboard authorisations, PM's and more. Any evidence such as screenshots and videos sent by players will also be taken into consideration.


2.1 Keep toxic, immature and irritating behaviour out of text and voice channels

LucidGaming is designed and intended for more mature players, we understand that this is Rust which is full of childish nonsense in most server, but here we filter all of that noise out and provide an atmosphere where we can actually focus and enjoy the game, while having good sportsmanship all the while, whether you win or lose. Players who do not respect this are filtered out quickly.

2.2 Racism, homophobia or any other form of prejudice, discrimination or hate crime is not tolerated

This gives staff a clear indication that you do not respect our 2.1 rule of no toxicity. This rule includes content that is drawn or uploaded to signs.

2.3 English only in main chat only

Otherwise we cannot moderate the chat properly. Players worldwide are welcome, and you are free to use any other languages in /pm, /r, /c and /a (our chat and clan chat systems).

2.4 Do not intentionally change your username to anybody else

Especially staff usernames.

Consequences of toxicity: staff may warn you in PM's to calm down if they see you are causing drama and a negative atmosphere in the server. Staff may also mute you as a warning to not repeat your behaviour.


3.1 Scripting, glitching, bug abusing, or hacking is not allowed

Our server has automated script, aimbot, no recoil and ESP detections. If you are found to be using any such cheats you will be immediately IP banned and submitted to Facepunch for an EAC ban. If players find any bugs/exploits they are expected to reach out to us and let us know, we can then inform Facepunch on your behalf.

3.2 Proxy / VPN connections are not allowed

Since most experienced hackers use this type of connection, we block them all, which stops them entering our server. If they do connect without a VPN, this allows us to IP ban them, permanently preventing them from entering our community altogether. Genuine players who need to use a VPN can apply to be whitelisted by opening a ticket in our Discord, just provide your Steam ID 64 and staff will investigate your account.

3.3 Accounts that are less than 30 days old are not allowed

90% of hackers are used by new accounts. If you are a genuine player you can apply to be whitelisted by opening a ticket in our Discord, just provide your Steam ID 64 and staff will investigate your account.


4.1 No walling off spawn points

Admins will check who placed the walls and ban them.

4.2 Do not falsely report players

Do not lie and report players just because you are angry that they are winning against you in some way. Be honest and do not report without sufficient reason to believe they are breaking the rules. If you are found to be intentionally lying you may be punished and you will lose credibility and reputation from the staff team, which will not be useful for next time you send a report and need genuine help. Do not waste our time.

Note: all actions taken to enforce rules are decided by admins as a team, and occasionally by the chat mod team. We reserve the right to ban any account that we deem too suspicious to stay in the server. All disciplinary actions are up to the discretion of our staff team. If you feel a decision was not fair, please use the #support channel in our Discord to open a ticket and tell us why.


Q Can I have slaves?

Slaves must be treated in the same way as our 1.3 rule, stating that all trades must be quick and brief and stay as max 3 at all times, any other gameplay is strictly not allowed.

Q Can I team up with others if my clan members are offline?

It does not matter if your clan members are online or offline, you must always be a maximum of 3 players in proximity, and you should only play with registered allies that are living at least 5 squares away on the map.

For any more clarification on our rules, or if you have any questions do not hesitate to open a ticket in our Discord.